About CF Partners We are a Leading Risk Management, Trading & Asset Management Firm. We work with over 900 corporates and sovereigns across commodities trading, risk mitigation and portfolio optimisation.

What We do

CF Partners is a leading risk management, supply and asset management group. CF Partners work with clients across energy procurement, risk mitigation and portfolio management. We manage funds on behalf of institutional investors and make principal investments.

CF Partners provides clients with risk management solutions in the commodity complex. We provide the full spectrum of products in these markets.

We work with clients to identify and manage risks posed to their business by volatile commodity prices, through tailor made solutions. We take an holistic approach to evaluating each client’s needs;

  1. Exposure – with what accuracy can you forecast future exposures and liabilities.
  2. Price sensitivity – to what extent do underlying commodity prices affect a company’s profitability and business.
  3. Funding sensitivity – what implications do volatile commodity prices have on the client’s financing and balance sheet requirements.
  4. Risk sensitivity – commodity markets are intrinsically regulation driven and exposed to geopolitical dynamics.

CF Partners is registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our Products

CF Partners provides clients with access to a range of commodities, covering the physical and financial supply of natural gas, power, emissions, crude oil, refined products, biodiesel, petrochemical, agriculture and green certificates markets.

Risk Management Solutions

CF Partners work with over 900 corporates and sovereigns across risk mitigation, energy procurement and portfolio management.

Our social responsibility

CF Partners is strongly committed to continuously reducing its carbon footprint and taking responsibility for its impact on the environment by partnering with, supporting and advising for-profit and non-profit organisations.

Actions taken include:

  • Ensuring all power and gas supplied by Brook Green and So Energy is 100% green.
  • Our CDM Portfolio: We have invested in 34 renewable energy projects.
  • Membership of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change; a forum for collaboration on climate change for European investors.
  • Bikin Tiger Project: CF Partners has contributed to the conservation of the Amur Tiger through participation in the Bikin Tiger Project by advising and investing in a unique WWF and German Ministry of Environment carbon credit project to save half a million hectares of virgin forest in Russia

Our Services

CF Partners is an award-winning advisory, trading and risk management firm. We provide clients with insight, competitive pricing, credit lines and access to cleared, OTC and physical markets.

Products & Markets

We provide clients with expertise and excess to cleared and OTC markets for Emissions, Biofuels, Petrochemicals, Refined Products, LPG/NGL, Agriculture products, Power & Gas and Green certificates.

We work with clients and trade across the globe with Europe being our core market.

Risk Management

We work closely with our clients to identify risks to their business, advise them and then provide bespoke solutions to address these risks.

Physical & Portfolio Optimisation

We supply physical energy to clients, manage and optimise energy assets.

Trading & Execution

We provide market access to cleared products on all major exchanges and OTC markets. Hiro Flash, our online platform gives clients direct access to prices and execution across products and markets.